"A World in Recovery"

What is TGIMUN?

TGIMUN is an online, student-led MUN conference taking place on the 8th & 9th of August.

This program was created with the aim of allowing students all over the globe to connect through MUN; our goal is to create a platform where students are able to participate in the discussion and debate of current global issues from their home due to the restrictions set upon us because of the pandemic.

It will be a great place and opportunity for you all to have a great experience and make new friends, while also learning about current pressing matters!

In summary, nothing can stop our voices from being heard. Not even this pandemic.

Why choose TGIMUN?

Unlike a traditional MUN conference, TGIMUN will operate quite differently. It will be a two-day conference that will mainly focus on the debate aspect of MUN. Many of us may have a lot of our time scheduled for trying new things, mastering old skills, or studying for upcoming exams. Some of us might even be in the holiday mood and may not feel like going through the trouble of writing pages upon pages of research reports or resolutions. In TGIMUN, you would only have to make mini versions of them. The debate is where the real action takes place! Join us now and apply!

TGIMUN's Impact

Our aim is to provide opportunities for those who are unable to attend physical conferences for whatever reason, be it the pandemic or because MUN is limited in your region. Our conference provides the opportunity for students to attend a beginner-friendly MUN conference for free and online. This is part of the impact-driven nature of TGIMUN, which includes our service activities opportunities that we bring to you this year at our conference!

The Platform:

We will be using Discord for our online conference this year. It is easy to use and there will be a tutorial/preparation drill before the conference so do not worry if you are not familiar with how it works!

All participants are encouraged to have their cameras turned on, will need a microphone to debate through the online format. Please make sure to have a functioning webcam and microphone prior to the conference.

Official Media Partner:

We are officially announcing that Qatar Living will be officially our Media Partner!

"Founded in 2005, Qatar Living is the first social network in Qatar. People worldwide come here first to decide if Qatar is the right place for them. Qatar Living is indispensable in the lives of Qatar's population and those looking to move to Qatar. It is the ultimate local one-stop information portal and makes the lives of everyone here a lot easier. Qatar Living is the ultimate knowledge gateway to Qatar. We want people to want to connect, participate and share. Hence, most of the content on Qatar Living comes from the online community itself! We aim to build an online community that serves all people who are living in Qatar or are interested in Qatar."


Contact us at tgimun.qa@gmail.com to get more information about the conference.