Meet the Executive Team!

Founders of TGIMUN

Nathan Wijayaratne: Conference Director

Hey! I’m Nathan, a high school student studying in Qatar. I founded TGIMUN with a few friends last summer as a means to extend the platform of Model UN to students across the world in the midst of a pandemic, using debate as a medium to expose the youth to the most pressing issues that we face today. However, through my experiences in MUN, both leading and participating in conferences around the world, I understood that MUN can be used as a platform to drive direct change in our communities, educating the youth on how they can use the solutions discussed within a committee to start initiatives to create progress in their communities.

With this iteration of TGIMUN, I aim to introduce a greater number of youths to how MUN can be used as a tool for empowerment, and am excited to see you all in the conference!

Muhammad Alif Naufal: Head of IT and Management

Heya! Alif here, another high school student here in Doha, Qatar. I’m the other co-founder of this amazing conference that aims to fill the gaps of MUN conferences caused by the pandemic when it first started. Debating and public speaking has always been something I’ve been involved with and thoroughly enjoyed participating in, and thus has led me to help in the creation of TGIMUN; ultimately creating these valuable opportunities for students from all over the world to gain experience, not only as a speaker or a debater, but also as a leader. TGIMUN had a very successful first conference last year, and I’ve had my fair share of being one of the Secretary-General, and so this time around I look forward to supporting the team as a Conference Director but also as the Head of IT, setting up the digital groundwork for this conference and to ensure a smooth and memorable experience for you all!

The Executive Team

Hamdaan Dar


Hello! My name is Hamdaan Dar a student in Qatar International School. Many saw the pandemic as a set back or a pause on normal life, however me and a couple friends saw it as an opportunity to do good in the world. Thus the idea of TGIMUN was born. Our combined experiences as delegates, chairs and even execs provided aid to us while shaping the conference up. We are now organizing our second annual conference aiming to make it more widespread to the youth and hope to make positive impacts in our community. We hope to see you soon!

Presidents of the General Assembly

Syeda Sana Zehra

Heyy! My name is Sana Zehra, another student in Qatar International School, like the rest of the executive team. I joined the team last year when the pandemic really began to affect our mental and emotional health, and TGIMUN was created as a platform to enable students like us to use the time we have as an opportunity to become more aware of recent political and social issues and make a direct impact on our society. This year especially, we're trying our best to achieve our aims in making the conference more influential and inspiring for our participants, hence why the PGA team has also been seeking out organisations and leaders over the summer that promote youth empowerment. I highly encourage all high school students to attend this conference and either begin or continue their MUN journey while doing their part in the recovery of our world.

Minatullah Alani

Hello, My name is Minatullah Al-Ani, an Iraqi student at Qatar International School. I have the privilege of serving as your Co-PGA this year at TGIMUN, and I hope that together, through this one of a kind platform, we can continue to empower and inspire youth. Being a part of TGIMUN, whether that is as a delegate, student officer, or executive is undoubtedly a memorable experience that is beneficial in countless aspects. Whether you're looking to spice up your CV or just make some new friends, this conference is the way to go. Particularly during these turbulent times, the best thing we can do as young people is to come together and find solutions to problems that are deemed too complicated or unsolvable by many others.

Social Media Team

Falisha Sabiya Malik

Hii, I’m falisha, a student who takes part in TGIMUN’s press team. When I was approached with the task of being a Social Media manager in last year's conference, I didn’t think much of it, and although I didn’t actively participate during the conference, it surprised me to watch last year's the participants' passions with their roles, alongside their ideas and thoughts in their respective committees. I’m definitely excited to watch this year's TGIMUN conference, and can’t wait to see everyone’s ideas!

Fara Nadzarin

Hi! I'm Fara, a student in Qatar contributing to TGIMUN as a part of the press team. With TGIMUN being established to help people, especially during unfortunate circumstances such as this pandemic, I'm very proud to take on this position. Although I won't be directly participating in the conference myself, being able to document and bring attention to such an event is definitely something I look forward to doing!